Debugging ASP pages in Visual Studio 2008

So if you are like me and you occasionally get put in a position where you are rebuilding an existing classic asp program the be big question is 'How do I debug it??'

There are plenty of useful links and most of them will get you about 80% of the way there. I came across a slick trick that works instantly.

Set IIS to run in IIS 5.0 isolation mode and then to debug attach to the dllhost.ext process. And then you are set!

VMWare workstation missing .vmsn snapshot

So one of my external drives started showing bad sectors. I did the smart thing and took a snapshot. Or so I thought. Turns out if VMWare cannot find your snapshot you cannot start-up an existing VM!
So I opened up the .vmsd file for the VM I am working on and compared it to another VM that had never had a snapshot taken. By removing the highlighted portion and saving it I was able to boot directly into my VM with no issues!
Very slick and sad to see there is no useful info on this currently out on the net. Especially from VMWare.
I hope this saves someone else's day like it did mine.