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SharePoint 2010

I came across some videos regarding SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Demo Video Downloads

If you are having trouble viewing the SharePoint 2010 preview demos on the mini-site, or would like to host them internally in your environment, here are the links to the downloadable wmv's:


For Developers:

For IT Pro's:

Plus the Sneak Peak page

Access Denied

Getting Access Denied when Web Site permissions have been removed then re-added. Turns out Microsoft has a fix for that.

List of issues that are fixed

This hotfix fixes the following issue that was not previously documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
  • On a SharePoint Server page, you try to access Site Collection Policies by clicking Site Collection Policies under the Site Collection Administration section on the Site Settings page. In this case, you may receive the following error message:
    Error: Access Denied
    This issue occurs after you clear the Apply Style Sheets - Apply a style sheet (.CSS file) to the Web site check box on the User Permissions for Web Application page for a Web application.